January 25, 2010

Marriage Conference

Thanks to the ladies who gave some great advice on my "should I stay or should I go now" Marriage conference issue. Now that is is over, thought I would share a little bit about how it went, and if the situation comes up for you, what I have learned. :)

I think the biggest issue was that I had forgotten to put it on our calendar, so hubby couldn't plan for it, and make sure he got enough studying in before, so he didn't feel so behind. I think he kind of went in Friday night with a bad attitude, and I take the blame. I know he is under a lot of stress. Saturday morning was better, although not the best experience I have had before. We have been to previous marriage conferences that were a little drive, and got a hotel. Though expensive, I think that if your going to do it, spend the time AWAY! We learned some good things, but I don't think we came out of it the best we could have.

So, because I sprung it on him last minute, it really would have been better for me just to let it go this time, and plan better next time! No worries though, I think our marriage is doing fine. I just know how easy it is when a marriage has a lot of stress to kind of forget each other and go our own way, ya know? So, just trying to proactive. :)

Would love to hear some blog posts on how things are with your marriages, and what you do to keep going! Especially if you have kids, and even maybe work. (we have one girl, and I work)



NeverEnoughThyme said...

Man! How do I join this great group?? Im the spouse of a 2nd year - we have a three year old son.... and life is crazy here!!

Derricca said...

Are you my twin? That is exactly where I am at. :)

Simply Me said...

new follower!

Courtney said...

It is great to know I am not alone! My name is Courtney my husband Josh is starting med school this August (Ohio University), we have a 3 yr old daughter Ellie and I am an RN. Due to financial issues, I will be working full time while he is in school. I don't think I have ever been so nervous about anything in my life. I am so very proud of him but feel so overwhelmed with the situation. For those of you who have kids...how do you do it? Any pointers?!

Meg K. said...

My husband and I are almost done with his third year, and we have a soon-to-be two year old. I work as a teacher full time. We have an AMAZING day care person, and that has helped. Long ago I gave up on all those "tips" to get through...date night...planned time for intimacy...etc. I realized that it was causing us more stress than it was helping. We now know that every 6 weeks he has a test...which means a whole weekend off before the next round starts...THAT is our weekend for maybe a date...other than that it is a take it when you get it...which may mean that I put the dinner I was making on hold in favor of a night out. I also do a LOT of plan aheads...I make all of the sandwich lunches two weeks ahead of time and freeze them. HE grabs a snack bag and a sandwich for lunch...and is good to go in the morning. I also make sure he has special time with Connor (our son). When his schedule allows him to be home at bath time then that is special daddy time. They play together while Connor gets cleaned. Looking back on the last three years...it has really flown...and he really has had more time than I thought he would...I just had to know how to take advantage of it...because it wasn't always the time I would have liked to be free.

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