May 28, 2010

Long Time, No Posts!

Hey Tagalongs,

I hope everyone is doing well! My husband is beginning his fourth year on Tuesday and we are entering the Step 2 of boards and application process for residency. It is unbelievable that medical school is three-fourths complete! It's hard to imagine starting over in a new place for residency (unless we are here for residency, then we would definitely know some folks...but we're hoping to be a tad closer to our families instead of 23-hours away).

I feel the daily battle of anxious thoughts and wanting to be in control plaguing my husband. So many things are uncertain. Our son is 1 and I am pregnant with our 2nd child and I know that Adam feels the weight of his family as he prepares for boards and applying for residency. We are having to daily (hourly) surrender the stress, this weird grappling for control and just TRUST God. We're going to be fine. He planted us here, in Pennsylvania, so far away from everything and everyone we knew but he provided community and support here for us. We thrived here! The same will be true wherever we are. We'll be fine, que sera sera!


Derricca said...

wow....yeah. We are just taking one step at a time. So far, where we are at now (knowing it's not the hardest part) has been the hardest part. He has been studying for step one boards for a month now. 14+ hrs a day, seven days a week, No stretch. We have two weeks to go, and then taking a week to go to Florida to see the family before coming back for surgery rotation. Someone please tell me it's not as bad as most make it seem? I have a friend who is going to her parents in Cali for the entire 6wks! Wow! Anyway, hang in there, we are in this together!

Karina said...

I'm glad to know that I am not alone. By chance I happened to run into this blog (well I admit, I googled "wives with med school husbands"). Looking for support since I know I will need it. My email address is
Hope to meet and make new friendships.

SDW said...

Great post! We can totally relate. There are definitely many sacrifices on this journey, but having a positive attitude helps make it all a little easier.