December 7, 2009


A while back, there were a couple of "You know your husband is a med student if..." posts. See here or here. There are some things that only other medically minded wives understand. :)

Now that we are in residency, I have a couple more to add and I thought that many of you could appreciate them. :)

You know your husband is a resident if...

  • you regularly use the word "STAT" to get his attention. Example: "I need you to take the dog out, STAT."
  • you can hear a vibrating pager from anywhere in your house.
  • one of your weekly laundry loads is mostly scrubs.
  • your friends consult you to find out your husband's call schedule before they make plans for the upcoming months.
  • you refer to your weekends by color. (Golden weekend = entire weekend off! No call!! Black weekend = on call all weekend...sucky!)
  • you eat a weekly meal in the hospital cafeteria, not because you are visiting someone who is sick - but just to spend some time with your spouse.
  • the phrase, "I'm capped!" does not refer to wearing a baseball hat.
  • you frequently tiptoe around your house in the afternoon - not because your baby is asleep but because your husband is post call.
Feel free to add to these if you have some good ones...medical school or resident ones!


the Jennings secede from the South said...

Those are funny! It sounds like residency is way crazier than Med School!

PeepToesAndPearls said...

My name is Kati, and I would love to join your blog. DH is finishing up MS2 this week (Carib med schools have terms ending in both December and May). Anyway, my email is

Derricca said...

Funny! Though we are only in second year, some of that already happens in our house since I am a nurse. ;) This was a fun post!!!

You all surviving finals??? I'll be honest, I'm a grouch!! ;)

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Sofia Rose said...

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