October 16, 2008

you know your husband is in med school when..

he comes home smelling like formaldehyde everyday!

I guess I should really say: You know your husband has been to anatomy lab when .. he comes home smelling like formaldehyde everyday!

Anatomy and supporting your spouse through anatomy could be an entire post itself! (as could every class that they take since Im sure they all bring out different challenges/rewards each time!) But at this point I feel like Anatomy is the daunting right of passage that every med school student has to go through when they start.

But then there is the Anatomy Lab..

The one where everyone works on a cadaver.

And the one that leaves them smelling like they just worked on a cadaver!

I remember the first time Freeland had anatomy lab. The second he walked in the door & I went to hug him I quickly backed away and said "Dear Lord, what is that smell?!" I mean really - its bad. Every time he came home smelling like it I secretly kept my distance until he changed or showered! And he even wears different clothes during lab so he wont smell!

Then last week he came home and I asked him if he went to get the car washed. He turned and gave me the strangest look as if I were crazy because we dont really ever get our car washed. Realizing he thought I was crazy I told him "well you smelled like leather or something so I thought maybe you got the car washed and had them put a leather or that 'new car' scent in it"

See, I wasnt that crazy! Except for the fact that he hadnt got the car washed and to me he smelled like leather for some reason.

Thats when it occurred to me - Its the formaldehyde! AHH! Im so used to it now that it smells like leather! And leather isnt even that bad of a smell.. in some cases I would say that leather actually smells good!! Okay, so it may just be allergies causing me to not be able to smell things very well..

But for the time being I can go back to hugging my husband when he gets home from school without having to plug my nose! And soon enough anatomy lab will be over and he will go back to walking in the door without leaving a smell of formaldehyde wherever he goes! Then the strange smell will be nothing but a memory! Thankfully.

*Update: I guess I spoke too soon. He came home today and I could smell it again. :) I guess the allergies (or whatever it was) didnt last too long. But, it was great while it lasted.


the Jennings secede from the South said...

LEATHER? Ha Ha! That's funny. I never interpreted the smell like THAT!

Emily said...

I think it's so great that you girls have a med school wives' blog! It's such a blessing to have friends that can understand the crazy journey of medical school (and residency!).
I remember my hubby's days of anatomy lab. Stinky! He used to come straight through the apartment, strip down to his boxers on the porch and leave his scrubs out there until the pile was big enough to wash them in a separate load.
As for babies & med school....we had our first during year 4. It was a little earlier than we expected but God provided for me to stay home and hubby's schedule was great that last year. We even went to New Zealand during his month off. Fun times!
God bless you girls as you support your hubbies through this intense time of studying and sleeplessness.

Emily - a resident's wife in CO.

Thais said...

Hi girls!
So I guess I'll discover that smell next week... first anatomy lab/ Will let you know.
My hubby, with whom I've been for the past 9 years (I know , high school sweethearts) started med school 2 weeks ago.
I'm kind of nervous about the whole thing, but hopefully, this group will help keeping it together!