September 2, 2010

Yep, I'm another newbie!

Hello friends who are or have been in my same situation! :)  I'm Mel.  I'm new to this amazing blog, and happy to be here.  Here's an "about me" list to sum up my into:

1.  Married my husband in June 2006
2.  Graduated with a degree in Speech Communication in May 2009
3.  Had our first baby 3 months later in August 2009 (Yes, I looked like a pregnant cheerleader at my graduation)
4.  Husband graduated in May 2010 with Biology (Physiology & Anatomy) Degree
5.  June, we still hadn't heard yes from any med schools...what do we do?  Apply next year?  Start a Master's program?  Yeah......we were totally lost.
6.  July 2010......we got off the waitlist and into med school!.....and have 1 month to find a place to live where we've never lived before, get into an apartment and out of our old apartment and move.  In ONE month.  And we have a baby.  But of course I kept my cool and didn't freak out...*cough cough* 
7.  August 2010 husband started med school and our baby boy turned 1.

Let's talk about August briefly.  This move away from family to a place I've never lived with a baby was incredibly difficult.  And I mean anxiety/panic attacks/couldn't eat and threw up for 3 weeks difficult.  All while husband was stressed about getting set up at med school.  We were both pretty much pushed to our limits.

So I bid farwell to will not be missed by me.  But thankfully now I'm doing infinitely better...I can eat and sleep and actually function like a normal human being.  I'm starting to feel like myself again.  Yea! :)  I started a new blog to therapeutically write about what's going on with us med school-wise.  And I've met several med school wives that go to my husband's school, and I'm going out of my way (and comfort zone!) to make new friends.  I'm slowly building my net of a support system....that now you are a part of......and it's making me so happy.  :)  Thank you!

I look forward to getting to know all of you better and hearing about your advice and experiences!


Katie said...

Welcome! It's wonderful that you've met other women and are building a support group. There's about fifteen of us down here that will get together whenever we can. I don't know what I'd do without them!

I'm sorry you had a stressful time, but am happy you're doing much better. My husband is in his second year and we're expecting our first baby (a girl!) in November. Keep us posted with your adventures :)

N+C said...

Good luck! Making new friends is so hard, but worth it!

Derricca said...

Good for you going out of your comfort zone to meet new friends! It's what you gotta do! :) I have this all looming over me for his residency in a couple years. He just started his 3rd year this summer. Good luck with everything!

PS- I also have an almost 4yr old, and a boy due next month! You will figure it out, and wonder what was so bad! :)

Wife.. Mom... etc.. said...

It is tough to make new friends, and it awesome that his school has a support system of other spouses.. hang in there!!

Amy said...

Wow, that sounds so rough! I'm glad you've stuck it out and things are getting better. I've had a hard time making friends in our new city too, though my job is pretty busy so I don't think about it that much. I'm not sure whether that's a good thing or not. :)

I would love to be added to the posting list if possible! My email is

us2Kellers said...

I just found this blog and really love what you had to say! Really puts life in perspective for me and my situation- compared to so many amazing women like you!

I cannot believe all our situations are the same but the struggles and circumstances all can vary so much!! Hope you keep your head up and continue on! You'll be great!!

PS: I would love to be added to this blog as well! My email address is! My husband is a second year..and we just got married in July! This is my first year living it out with him! It's going to be an interesting year! Thanks!

Ashley said...

I totally felt the same way you did when we moved far away from our families last year. I didn't have my son yet, but had just found out I was pregnant. It does get better! I have a few wives down here that I feel close to and it's less hard being far aways from family! How old is your baby? :)