October 14, 2009

We went to Kabul, Afghanistan for two weeks in May with Global Health Outreach to give free medical care to the people there. We took our own supplies and medications. We have been to Africa a couple times together before. This is a WHOLE new world for us, but it was great!
A look at city life in Kabul.
Country life, and nomads.
Chillin' with the school girls during lunch. I did some public health teaching that day. I loved it!
My hubby starting and IV to give antibiotics for a cellulitis infection. I tried, but I missed it! Grrrr. I was a little jealous at the time that he got it, and I didn't, but I got over it. Good job hon' :)
Ahhh on the LONG plane ride. Seriously, we had such a scare, I thought we were going down. I now am more terrified of plane rides, than actually being in Afghanistan!

Also, FYI.....only a small percentage of muslims are terrorists. :) I loved, loved, loved the people there! What an awesome opportunity we had. We have thought about going back this spring, depending on the current situation with the war at that time.

If you want to see more pics....just ask! I have over 300!


Callie said...

Your trip looks SO AMAZING!!! We're thinking of doing a medical mission in Nicaragua or Honduras next summer if we can afford it. Your pictures just affirm how bad I want to go- it looks amazing!


Married to a med student - Marissa Nicole said...

Wow what a wonderful thing to do with your time - that is amazing that you gave what little free time you have to help others!

Mel said...

HELP! I'm a med school wife in Charleston and there is no support here for wives. I'm at the end of my rope today and not seeing an end to the madness of med school. My husband is taking boards for the second time in 10 days and I'm scared to death that we'll just keep hitting these speed bumps with no end. I could use some words of wisdom and support as I feel terribly alone.