October 14, 2009

New Template?

Hello ladies,

So, I was just thinking....is there anyway we could put maybe an aqua poppy design on our blog page? I don't know how these group blogs work, (not the most tech savvy girl out there) but thought it might look neat. :) Funny, but I love enjoying new templates!

Anyway, just an idea.

I might as well update too! Been awhile. :) I don't think I have posted since we went to Afghanistan in May. We are back....no worries! I will post a few pictures.

Hubby is in the third semester, and I guess have heard the hardest? I don't know, you hear all kinds of things. Pathology and Pharmacology seems to be tough anyway, but doing great! I agree with the previous poster....support is EVERYTHING! My hub is always telling me he needs and loves my support. Even just refilling his coffee cup, or staying up with him until 2am. (like last night, oh boy am I feeling it!) They need it girls!

Also, I have a question. Especially for those who have kiddos. :) What do you all do for date nights, and how often? Do you have to schedule them way ahead of time? Dustin and I haven't been on one yet this semester, and we are feelin' the need. Plus, his birthday is next week! I think we are just planning on having a coffee date and taking a walk (probably a chilly one) around Grey's lake in Des Moines. Any other ideas in general?

Thanks! Bring on the posts ladies! I've been looking for them!



courtneyjean24 said...

I would like to be a part of this group. My husband I and just got married in August. He is in his second year at Stanford Med. How do I join?

Lacy Delgreco said...

My husband isn't starting medical school until the spring but I do have a two year old, a full time job, and husband who I often have to wonder if he really does exist. You should definitely make friends with children that are willing to watch the kids for eachother on date nights. If we don't have a babysitter, we love waiting until bedtime, pulling out he couch bed, and watching a movie together while snuggling and eating popcorn or ice cream. Seems like those are the best date nights. Good luck!!