October 9, 2009

Status Update

As a follow up to the previous blog, I just wanted to mention something my M1 came home today and said to me. He walked in the door and said "I am so glad that you are so supportive. I couldn't do this without you." Like some of you girls mentioned, being there for your guy is important to their success (and yours). The other night, he hit a speed bump and felt overwhelmed. I rubbed his back and whispered words of encouragement. Two days later, I had a terrible day at work. My sweet husband offered to give me a back massage (this is extremely rare ladies, I dont think you understand the magnitude of this gesture). I have learned so much about selflessness and support these short few months and I hope to grow more in this respect as our life changes over the next few years. I am trying my best to make our home a sanctuary from the stresses of medical school, but I'm not perfect.

C received his white coat last weekend (they make it into a ceremony at his med school to mark their transition to professional and the start of their patient hands-on experience) and I couldn't be more proud. His mother said the last time she was on campus, my husband was a year old. Maybe in another 22 years we will return to the same campus with our child to continue the tradition :).


the Jennings secede from the South said...

Awww, good post!

Callie said...


YES!! My boyfriend is at Emory!!! I was at the white coat too- I thought it was so great! I wonder if they know each other. Ask your hubby if he knows Robert Runner. I bet they know each other!