November 25, 2008

Thanks for Inviting Me!

Me: Christina Renee (Alstott) Lee
Wife and inspiring Graphic Artist (I guess, still in training)
Tidbit about me: 31 -Oldest of 4 siblings, 3 half siblings and 2 step siblings
Married to: Dr. William Douglas Lee II D.O. hee hee
1st Year Resident at Hamot Medical Center
Tidbit about him: 30-grew up on a horse farm

From: Indianapolis, IN and met at Anderson University
Pet: Shephard Mix breed - Sierra She is my baby!
Moved to Erie: June 22, 2008 prior to Bill's graduation from LECOM Bradenton in June.Me and Bill before LEPROM'06

Me in the middle of Sarasota Bay, kayaking with Bill. Our favorite thing to do there.

We loved Florida and we grew to love Bradenton and near by Sarasota. We made so many life long friends whom we miss GREATLY!
We always had so much fun at the beach....grilling out, football, volleyball or just
laying back at night and watching the stars.

LEPROM Again ....Kim and Amber became our closest friends.
They are from Erie and went to LECOM Florida. I wonder why?

Life brings change and change takes time to get used to. We are blessed to have a great God who takes care of us and is so passionate about us. He is leading us to His ultimate goal for our lives. He has provided us with friends & support along the way....
......and He continues to do so here in Erie.
So, THANKS FOR INVITING ME to your small group! I enjoy the friendship and support. When you come to a new city or start a new chapter in your life, a support of a friend is what helps you get through those tough and lonely times. It was not accident when Elizabeth walked into my work. Our conversation was no accident......
God was leading me to a group of new friends!


Brooke & Freeland said...

Cute! I think it was a great idea to add all the pictures and everything else! Im glad you posted on the blog. I think you have a lot of great advice, wisdom, experience, etc. to share! And Im so thankful the Lord did put you in our little group of girls! It wouldnt be the same without you!

the Jennings secede from the South said...

Aw, I'm going to cry!

Jamie F said...

Hi ladies... My name is Jamie and my hubby Josh is a med student at Ross University. He'll be starting his rotations in January (hopefully) either in Chicago, IL or Janesville, WI and I could sure use some help making it through the next couple of years... I'm so glad I found you guys! I've read a few posts and found you guys could be of great help.

Brooke & Freeland said...

Jamie - just wanted to say thanks for leaving a comment. If you ever want - feel free to write/post more! I would love to hear what its like at Ross.. and about all of your hubby's rotations!