November 25, 2008

We Need Help!

What are your thoughts on the name of this blog? Do you like "Med School Tagalongs"? Do you think it is lame-o? Do you have any other ideas?

Please comment and leave any suggestions for a blog name, decor, or anything else! Feel free to leave it anonymously if you're too scared...just kidding.


Brooke & Freeland said...

I posted on my blog to ask also.. and I think cam is too??? Im not sure. But feel free to do the same. Maybe someone who reads it will be able to think of something. Or maybe we will find out everyone loves the name and it should stay the same!!? Have a great day! Brooke

Bethany said...

I'm down with changing the name although I've used all of my creative juices for the week. If I think of something I'll let you know!

Brittany said...

I agree... I think that a change is in order. Unfortunately, I don't have any ideas... I named my sister's blog, and I'm trying to think of an idea for my own future blog... haha.

Anyway, I think you guys should change the name because you are WAY more than tag-alongs!! I went through a year of med school living alone, and now that I am in my second year, married, and have an encouraging husband to come to, I realize how amazing it is to have someone supporting you through this difficult ride.

Maybe you guys could be something like "Behind the Scenes" or "Backstage Crew" ... even though you don't see the backstage crew, the show wouldn't happen without them. I don't know. Just a thought.

I want to encourage you all for encouraging our future physicians. There is a reason that rates of substance abuse and suicide are so high among physicians -- it's a tough task -- but with your prayers and support, you are helping givers of health to be healthly themselves.

Much love,
Brittany Hubbell (Bethany Glupker's sister)

Ashley said...

I stumbled across this blog tonight and I can't tell you what an answer to prayer reading your posts has been. Can I join this little community? I would really love to be a part of this medical school spouse network. I need this :)


Danny Lucas said...

The Lee's delete comment.
(avoid liking O Holy Night there, my favorite Christmas song).

Brooke allows personal attack from anonymous folks. Those should be deleted. No one has ever called me Danny Doofus anywhere but that Christian avenue.

So this is a very hesitant stab at a new name.

The men are learning surgery.
The wives provide security and love.
And, a pile of you are pregnant.
Sounds like a match to me.

Perhaps you could consider a blog titled:

"New Knives, with Forks, and Spoons Too"

"Medical Silverware; Diamond Gals"

An alternate suggestion comes from the game of tennis, but applies to your game of life.

"Love, Game, Set, Match:
Doctors and their Wives"

or even,

"What's Up Doc? Ask his Wife!

Tagalongs reminds me of a girl scout cookie, but I can't recall which one.

If those are a dud, there is always

"Medical Wonders of the World---Wives"

Maybe simple:
"Medical Life and Medical Wife"

Whatever you choose, the community of Erie is grateful that all of you are here. Your zest for life is contagious. Your love of Christ revealing of a life well lived.

Best of luck to all of you.
You have been the freshest breath of air this community of Erie, PA has seen in decades. For you marvel and delight in things we take for granted.
May it always be true.

Have an awesome Christmas, New Year, Career, Family, and Life.

Ps. Most of you scroll Erie Blogs or Erie PA Today, and it opens your chatter to the community.
If comments are not wanted, you need to shut that access down and be private.
But we would miss all of you. A lot.

Brooke & Freeland said...

Danny, thank you for your suggestions. I apologize if you felt like you were insulted on my blog. I didnt remember that or I would have deleted the comment. (which I will now) If you feel that way again you are welcome to email me and let me know so I can delete it then. Thanks again for your suggestions and encouragement though.

Brittany - thanks for your sweet comments too! Its great & ecouraging to hear your perspective! I love it. You should write on the blog! (in all your free time! :)

Danny Lucas said...

Thank you for your words Brooke. I should have emailed you up front.

But the blog is a family blog, and a community blog, simultaneously. And, it rapidly switches from one avenue to the other. I am only community.

I am encouraged that you and your husband chose Erie, PA to start a new life. I hope you both stay upon graduation. As you are finding, Erie is a warm hearted place, tho chilly in weather. This is an unusual town in America. I know, for I have been in 48 states so far....including all over Texas!

You measured a foot and a half of snow with a college yardstick on a post. I commented there. An anonymous commented derogatory afterwards, directed at myself, not the post or your blog.

It only happened once before (I think it was the "Foodie" gal, with a quirky slant on life. I let it go....and, that one may have been at Jennings spot). I don't know what to make of that "Foodie" gal and visited her blog once. I won't return after what I read.

But I quit reading your blog (surprised to see this is yours too; I came via link elsewhere).

I next read your blog with the awesome video family singing White Christmas.

That was a classy post!
I should have looked in your archives to see the status of Anonymous, and I did not.

But I looked today.
Either you or Mr. Freeland obliterated the Anonymous within a short time. I never knew.

So it is I who should apologize to you for bringing it up without knowing you had corrected the matter.

As a blogger, I am sure you know there are a lot of folks out there wandering with less than an elevator that goes all the way to the top.

I attract an inordinate amount of them via commentary, but I suspect it is because I mention Jesus Christ in varied venues, even where He is not welcome.

Forgive me for not checking your old post and finding you have already removed a most derogatory statement.
I do not blog. I comment widely on quality blogs.

Given the delete of the unacceptable hate comment, I look forward to renewed comment at your blog.

I have enjoyed many of your interlocked family posts and find them edifying always (well, maybe not when Camille goes on about poopin', but I assure you, poopin posts are going to be a daily feature with her very, very soon).

I hope the name of this blog that you finally end up with, (here), reflects the quality of men and women attracted at LECOM, and helping each other in all areas of their life.
It is a group right out of heaven.

I pray you have a remarkable marriage forever, remain a bride to Freeland and Christ, and have a dynamic life that attracts people to Christ simply by being near His example of light and salt, and Freeland.

Merry Christmas Brooke.
Meet Freeland at the mistletoe and tell him the same.

Best regards,
Danny Lucas

Sharyl said...

What about "Behind Every Great Man..." [there is an even better woman...]

or Emeritus MDs--The Wives Club

or, quite simply and accurate: Superwomen.

...Just a thought :)