November 20, 2008


Thanks Brooke & Camille for letting me in the loop. Here's a little tidbit about me.
I'm Emily, married to hubby-resident Justin. We have two little nuggets: Jacob (2 years) and Hudson (2 months) that I stay home with. We got married fresh out of Baylor and a couple short months later my hubby started med school at UT Houston. I was his sugar mama all through medical school until we had our first child in his 4th year. Justin had a sweet schedule then and got to spend a lot of time home with us. We lived in a one-bedroom apartment all through med school and had to share a room with our baby for 8 mos. We fit more furniture in that room than should ever be possible. It was a Master Bedroom, Office, and Nursery all in one!
We moved to Colorado just over a year ago for Justin's PM&R residency and love it here. Though we love it, it's been a tough adjustment moving so far away from friends and family. We had an incredible group of fellow meddies in Houston that we had small group and bible study with. It was so encouraging to us to be around so many other married folk in med school, especially fellow believers. Moving here we were all on our lonesome.
Anyways, Hubby finished his intern year (whew!) this June and started the first of 3 years of PM&R residency. Well, just recently - like in the last month - he officially decided Anesthesia is the way to go. He was dissatisfied with PM&R and has always liked Anesthesia. (Unfortunately, Anesthesia was his last rotation as a 4th year med student and he had already matched with PM&R.) So, we really want to stay in Colorado. There is only one position for a PGY2 (tranlation: post graduate year 2) here but his interview this week went REALLY well. He's also going to interview other places.
I think it was really hard for him to tell me that he wanted to switch, knowing that this year won't count toward anything (thankfully intern year counts!) and therefore we'll be adding another year of lowsy residency salary to our future. Plus, we'll be saying "adios" to the sweet PM&R residency schedule which has no overnights and barely any weekends. Anesthesia is a different story. While it's no the worst, there are definitely a lot more overnights and weekends. That's particularly difficult when you have a family. But more than wanting to have things be easier, I want Justin to love what he does. And most of all I want us to be in God's will. So this new bump in the road isn't nearly as overwhelming as I would have expected it to be. Granted, we haven't found out where we'll be yet. The thought of packing up and leaving this house that we have poured our blood, sweat and tears into makes my head hurt. But one thing at a time. We should find out in the next month or so whether he got in here.
So there's a choppy little synopsis of our path on this crazy journey so far. And as for the comments people make about me marrying a doctor, I say, "No...I married a broke medical student and now I'm a lowly resident's wife." And if there's any prestige (gimme a break) in being married to a doctor, I will have more than earned it when all this is said and done!
Glad to meet y'all and thanks for letting me jump in!


the Jennings secede from the South said...

Thanks for posting! Y'all sound like you are handling this upcoming transition well and with a sense of humor! It'll be worth it, eh?

The Allen Family said...

My husband is interviewing for residencies at the moment and I had to call him and read your post to him. He debated between ER and OB but has decided to go with ER. I want him to be sure he has chosen the right career though because I really don't want him to change his mind. You are handling the change really well though...I think I would be super stressed out!!!

Brooke & Freeland said...

EMILY! youre so sweet! Im glad you shared your story. Its encouraging to hear. Youre doing a fabulous job adjusting and being so supportive of your hubby! From what I remember (and always heard) he is one smart cookie and will do great at whatever he ends up doing! Thanks for writing on the blog. I know it will be helpful for anyone who comes across it!