November 6, 2008

Quality, not quantity

So, yes, I may be a slow learner at times. Whenever asked if I "date" my hubby, I say..."of course!" My mind automatically thinks of all the dates we have gone on. They usually consist of going out to eat and putting around at the mall while waiting for the late show to start. Usually a full evening of fun filled events, not to mention expense! I am finally learning now that he is in school with a tight schedule that it isn't the quantity of time that counts, but quality. Thanks to my awesome sister who was visiting, ( and because she was my only ear at the time, also got to listen to me vent!) my husband and I were able to take some time for ourselves. But, because it was a Wednesday night, and a huge anatomy test was looming over his head for Friday, we had about an hour and a half to catch up on the week. It was wonderful!!! We went to a coffee shop (which are bountiful in the college towns, I am sure you have figured out!) and sat down to talk for awhile. Being the unseasonable beautiful weather we were having, we went for a little stroll, and talked some more! We stopped in a couple boutiques and looked around, and we went to the Pioneer COOP to pick up our favorite bread and lunch meat. We spent an hour and half together, and I feel recharged and great about the time that was spent. May not have been what I called a true date in the past, but my hubby and I are going to try our hardest to make it a once a week thing. I am totally psyched!

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Brooke & Freeland said...

I agree. I think its important to take those times and make them quality moments with the hubby. We try to make everything possible a "date".. even if its sitting and catching up on shows he cant watch during the week, walking our dogs, running an errand.. etc. Makes life more fun that way too! :)

Thats great that yall have something special you can do that is so refreshing & and fun for you both!! What a blessing.