November 20, 2008

conversations at target

Im sure we all have those kind of conversations with random strangers.. where they give you advice, or comment on your life, or say something random. It happens all the time when I say Freeland is in Med School. It doesn't bother me. Sometimes what they say can actually be helpful.

Last weekend I ran into Target to return something. I got to talking to the woman helping me. She was nice. She was probably 25 or so.. and we had one of those conversations. But this time she totally threw me for a loop by what she said!! I guess I mentioned we had just moved here.. and here is how the conversations went.

Her: Oh so you just moved up here?
Me: Yes, back in June
Her: What brought you all the way up here?
Me: Oh my husband just started his first year at LECOM
Her: Oh thats nice

quick pause...

Her: So you are going to be a doctor's wife?

another awkward pause..

Me: (kind of laughing because I didnt know what she meant) Umm I guess, technically.. I will be since my husband will be a doctor..
Her: Oh thats so nice! A doctor's wife! I bet your mom was proud when you married him..
Me: (what??!! still laughing and trying to figure out what that meant) umm maybe. But she also works for a group of doctors so I think she didnt have that exact feeling. She more joked about if I knew what I was getting myself into.
Her: Oh, well yeah. I guess it can be really hard. And he will be gone all the time. And he will always be busy. Yeah.. thats going to be really hard.

.. after the last comment I kind of wanted her to go back to the mom being proud part of the conversation.

I was cracking up when I walked off after we finished. First Im a "doctor's wife".. then my mom was proud of me (like I won something) then my life pretty much sucked and was going to be really hard!

I think she realized half way through what she had said. Although, Im still not sure what being a "doctor's wife" means. And I think she also forgot to notice that I was shopping at Target.. and returning something because we have no money! So.. if thats what being a "doctor's wife" means.. then yes - I am.

Maybe these just happen to me. But if not, I would love to hear what other people have said to yall .. or what the craziest comment you have had someone say to you before was... I feel like I have a few others I could add!

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the Jennings secede from the South said...

People are so audacious especially considering that most of us in this season are buried in student loans and eating out like once a month!!!!

I've had some funny convos too. Maybe I'll post one later. Sarah Allen has a funny story about her neighbor!