October 25, 2008

Pelvic Exam

My husband is giving his first pelvic exam today!  Year twos at his school are assigned a Saturday, along with twelve other students, in which they learn how to give sensitive exams to men and women...and actually get to do it.  Wowza.  

Poor guy, he was pretty nervous.  I must admit, I do hope it's an old, unattractive lady for his first pelvic exam.


Sonny and Sharyl said...

Lol! Is that bad that I feel the same way? My husband hasnt even started med school yet and I'm hoping ALL his breast and pelvic exams are on old women. I guess I can only wish :).

LittleMissDreamer said...

hehehe I agree with both you ladies. My bf just finished his Ob/GYN rotation. That is the worst rotation that exists. Basically, 6 weeks of him either touching women's breasts, giving pelvic exams or delivering other women's babies. I don't know which is worst. I don't like thinking about the first two, but I also don't like thinking about how my guy's first experience of a child entering the world was not ours to share. Anyways, I was really kind of upset about this at first, but after hearing his horror stories, I got over it. Now he's moved on to his neurology rotation. That's definately more in my comfot zone:)

seth said...

I dont know you but I was reading that your husband had to do a Pelvic exam. I was wondering if you could help me by answering a question for me. My husband is doing college in order to be a Dr. I dont mind him becoming a Dr. The only problem I have is him having to do pelvic exams and breast exams. Is this something that I should be worried about. Im wondering if its any different from a man looking at porn. Im not meaning to be gross I just have a problem with him having to look at other woman. He says that it isn't anything compared to porn and that it is actually very unenjoyable and gross. Please help me. All we have been ding is fighting over this. If you could email me at sweetkissesrgr8@hotmail.com I would really appreciate it. If not than thats ok. Take care