August 5, 2008

hi. my name is brooke and my husband is in med school

They say admitting it is always the first step.

Well, this is my first time posting on here so let me take just a teeny second to introduce myself. I'm Brooke, newbie to the med school life & newbie to the blog. I'm married to this guy, Freeland:

We were married September 22nd 2007. So just less than a year ago. He just started his first year of med school at LECOM last week. We moved up from Texas for med school but also because these 2 crazy kids were here:

Camille was nice enough to invite me to write and ramble on this blog that some girls up here started. They all started the blog a while ago and even though I knew at that point we would be moving up north & starting med school I decided to wait until school actually started to post anything. Maybe I secretly wanted to avoid thinking through school starting.. I'm not sure. Either way it has started and here I am sharing my thoughts with the world now.

So, this blog was originally started to be a community of people sharing their thoughts, wisdom, suggestions, etc. and that’s what I intend to do. When I knew Freeland was going to start med school I did look for books, do Google searches, and start asking everyone else about being a wife of someone who is in med school & I didn’t really find anything. I wanted to. I wanted to read what others went through, what it was like for them, how they handled it, or anything to give me an honest perspective. I didn’t really find anything. So I think this blog is a great idea.

BUT let me preface all that by saying this.. Because this is supposed to be a little community of wives sharing what its like to be married to a medical student - I fully intend to be as honest as I can. I'm no writer. I don’t really know much. And I'm new to this whole thing - so please be kind. Being honest on a blog doesn’t seem like it will be easy. I don’t have the time to sit and write and explain or defend myself .. So lets have open minds people! K? thanks. It will make it much easier for all of us! :)

All that to say.. I will be posting my thoughts & experience during med school & what its like being a trophy wife {just kidding wanted to see if you were still reading} here for the world to read if they so please. Its been a really fun transition so far. Strange at times but exciting also. I will post more shortly on all my thoughts going into this thing called med school. Until then, happy Tuesday.



Bethany said...

Alright Brooke! Way to get the blog rolling again!!!

I look forward to sharing with you and learning from you during your first year in med-school.

Lora said...

I never hear "Trophy Wife" that I don't think about "Everybody Loves Raymond". One day Marie announced she didn't want to be just some "Trophy Wife" to which Frank responded "What contest in Hell did I win". Be CAREFUL what you call yourself!

Ali and Josh Holt said...
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Becki said...

HI ladies,
My name is Becki and my husband just started his 4th year of medical school, we are just researching residencies now. I think this blog is a great idea and resource for other in the same situation. Could I join in the blogging whoever is in charge. We actually have just about survived medical school with 2 kids which really adds to the drama for sure. My blog is:
hang in there, it does get easier and harder and easier, there are breaks in there now and again.

Anonymous said...

keep these coming please!! i've already read all the posts and am looking for more.

Sonny and Sharyl said...

Hello ladies!
My husband is going to start med school in fall of 2009 and I am so nervous! I know he can do it but we are both a little anxious about the studying, late nights, and stress. His mother is a doctor so she has given us a little insight, but I just dont know how he (or I) will survive! Also, what about kids? Are any of you trying or are you waiting until med school is over? We dont want to wait four years (or ten, if we wait until after residency) but I dont know if I can handle being a "single" working mom! Any suggestions? Thank you for this blog, by the way, there isnt much out there for med school wives.

Melanie said...

Hello. My name is Melanie and my husband is a second year medical student. Why couldn't he have just chosen car mechanic or something. Anyways, I'm getting through alright. Nice to hear from other med school wives.

medwife8 said...
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Christina said...

This is great! There are far too few of these types of blogs on the internet. My husband is a 2nd year medical student and there are times when it is so nice to seek out opinions and advice from others going through the same thing.

Med school is a trying time, but it is not impossible to survive.