May 19, 2008


DING, DONG the year is done...
well, almost. Adam just had his big final and in two days will have his H & P practical. Looking back, I am so stinking proud of him- he's sacrificed weekends and sleep, skipped out on fun times, and woken up at the butt crack of dawn to get studying done. Way to go, hubby.

Looking back, I'm pretty proud of me, too. I handled this year a lot better than I thought I would. (I'm not naturally a very selfless person, oddly enough) I really prayed that I wouldn't become resentful as I took on all the cleaning, cooking, 9-5 ing, and laundry and the Lord's really provided me with excellent perspective in those areas. i.e. He's our provider. I don't begrudge Adam because I see him working his butt off and dealing with the pressure 24/7. Also, he's really appreciative so that certainly helps. When we were at church in Texas, they told us to always come home and treat your spouse like they had a harder day than you did. Sounds weird but I think it's such great advise.

Nonetheless, I'm proud of us and thankful that the Lord brought us through year one. It was actually a very enjoyable season and I love this unique season of having the house to ourselves, drinking coffee together early, studying/reading at Barnes & Noble, and taking runs as "study breaks". I know we'll look back and miss this season and all our quality time!

So, I raise my glass of red wine with an orange slice in it to you, hubs.
You done good, boy.
You done good.


Bethany said...

Here! Here! I think it is important as our husbands are unwinding from their first year, we remind them of how proud we are of all their hard work.

Right on Camizzle!

Sarah Mac said...

Why do you put the orange slice in with the red wine?

Red wine isn't Blue Moon. Which seems like the only alcoholic beverage that is appropriate for an orange slice.

The Carters said...

I love all your words of encouragement! I don't know you, but my husband just completed his first year of med school at UT Southwestern in Dallas and we have experienced pretty much everything you have talked about! It's nice to know there are other wives out there thinking and dealing with the same issues.

A&J Holt said...

So I am just joining this craziness as a med school wife! We are moving to chapell hill north carolina from Utah in one month and Im way excited but pretty nervous! This is a funny blog...any way hope you dont care that I joined! I need some people to commiserate with! :)

-shawna- said...

hey, stumbled upon your blog through brooke who is a friend of my friend Anne...who i learned shot with the same camera i did so i thought i'd check out her pics and found this! so not a crazy stalker...just the wife of a PGY1 surgery resident. survived med school. hate to tell ya, it feels like a walk in the park compared to intern year...i love supporting wives that go through this so...maybe i can help???