February 19, 2013

Med School Baby

So...my husband got accepted to med school, aaaand we have a 7 month old baby.  I am wondering how this is going to play out.  First of all, we don't know for sure which school he is going to attend.  He got accepted in KY, but we live in CO, and are still hoping to hear from Anschutz so that we can stay here in CO, where we own a home and just had our first baby back in July.  

Of course, if we don't get an acceptance to Anschutz sooner rather than later, we will have to go to KY since it will take a good deal of time to move our family of three across the country.  The waiting...it is hard to take.  Not knowing where you and your family will live come fall is scary, especially when there is a baby involved.  Since my daughter was born in July, I haven't been working outside of the home.  
Medical school...not impressed.

As crazy as it makes me some days to have almost no adult conversation the whole day (until my husband gets home, and then we are so tired we eat, watch a little science-fiction tv, go to bed by 9:30), I feel lucky that I can be so hands on in raising my daughter.  Now with med school coming up for us, I realize that I have been in denial about where the money to live on is going to come from...I guess we can either borrow tons of money and be in insane debt when med school is over, or I can go back to work, and never see my husband and miss out on so much with my daughter.  I guess everything is temporary, so you just do what you have to for the time being...we shall see.


Derricca said...

You can do it! :) We had our daughter when my husband was still premed, and had our son in his 3rd year. He is in his intern year now, and we are still plugging a long doing well! I worked part time until our second was born, and have been staying home since. We did end up borrowing extra for me to stay home, but you know what? Now that we are getting ready to pay those off soon, I'm still glad that we did it because it allowed me to be so much more supportive of him and in taking care of our family well. Take a deep breath, I know it seems overwhelming now, but you really can do it! :) Put one step in front of the other and take it as it comes. You will need other women for support, so make that a priority as soon as you find out where you are going. Let me just say, graduation was so cool!! Just hearing, "Dr.Krutsinger" being said reminded us of everything we are working towards, and was a good push for the next several years of residency/fellowship! And....I do say "we" because our men DO need our support, and we are in this together! Good luck to ya! What a beautiful baby!!!

Mandy said...

You definitely CAN do it! You will feel a tad different than other families because FEW have kids before....let alone us who just had our SECOND before his white coat ceremony. But, it is SO worth it...your daughter will keep you busy and you'll find your social life revolves around play dates with other cute mommies and everything will fall into place.

Also, we too moved ACROSS the country from the mountainous, beautiful Utah to the flat Oklahoma. Ends up we LOVE it even though we are a ways from family and though we got accepted to a few schools we just felt right about OU. I'm sure y'all will get a confirmation and just feel right about a place. Good luck!! More power to you med school wife momma!

from head 2 toe said...

I think what I am going to say is going to be cliche, but whatever happens will be the BEST for you guys. It will be the BEST choice for you, your husband, and baby. It's hard to think about now, but it will be the BEST. We moved from AZ to MI for my husbands 4th year rotations and it has been anything but hard and awful. It's been wonderful. He has been able to scrub into COUNTLESS surgeries and perform them- as a student! Something he wouldn't be able to do in AZ with all the other students.

You will need support and you will find it with other wives. They will help and uplift you. My husband and I don't have any babies, but I was always willing to have other wives over or babysit after work so they could have time with thier husbands. You will find this wherever you go. It sounds scary right now, but remember it's what is going to be BEST for you. Sometimes I look back at things in my life that were scary, and now I just laugh. Doing hard things is part of life and YOU CAN DO IT! :) :)