February 18, 2013

Just another med school wife

Hi, my name is Mandy and I too am on this crazy med school road with my hubby.
No, I'm not in medical school, just my hubby is BUT I still feel like I should get some sort of credit for being married to one. Y'all understand! :) It's work for the whole family and by the end I say the wives should get a ribbon or trophy...or at least a shopping spree! ;)
 {because then we won't be in hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt..that'll be the day}

I'll be honest. I've never added to a blog like this before; I just am passionate about updating my little family blog here:: mandyandbraden.blogspot.com {check it out if you'd like}; however, I love the med school camaraderie and thought it may be fun to connect with other wives like me in this journey.
Well, before I post random highs and lows I'll say a little more about me and us so you feel like you aren't reading updates from a stranger.
I've been married for 4 1/2 years-best decision I've made, my husband--Braden-- is in his first year of med school at OU, and we have 2 kids {a 2 1/2 year old girl and an almost 7 month old little boy}. I know, I know, not your typical first year med student.... and we are just in his first year, but, we wouldn't change a thing! They make our world brighter every day and keep me busy since Braden  is pretty much gone all the time.
I love being a mom and most of my life revolves around them and in the evenings I get my couple hours with my hubby that I cherish before he heads off to sleep and wakes up at the crack of dawn for another day of studying, working out, and all that jazz.

So, here's to all you med school wives out there doing all the things behind the scenes:: reminding the husband of responsibilities at school, making lunches, taking care of kids {if you have them}, helping with fundraisers, scholarships, hanging out solo OFTEN, and all the other things we do!

I currently have motivation for all of these, but I am very aware that this is a battle of ENDURANCE since this journey is one of the longest and we especially have a LOOOONNNNGGGG way to go!

Any pointers or advice on how to best help your spouse relax amidst his gazillion responsibilities??
I try to help out the best I can, but feel somewhat helpless at times because I can't really help out very much...but, I do what I can......


Leah said...

My husband just got accepted to med school and we have a 7 month old baby as well! The craziness is yet to begin, but depending which school we go to we may have to move across the country with our baby in tow...sounds unbelievably stressful. Nice to see another med school family with a baby!
Here is my email leahcallis@yahoo.com

from head 2 toe said...

Find other wives and be proactive about getting together with them. I taught 6th grade full time and tutored part time of the side and tried to at least do 1 med-wife get together a month. I always planned it, but it was so worth it. Just for sanity for all of us! With babies, be willing to fan them out to those who are willing to babysit. I LOVED sitting for other wives! Also, I know you are LDS- take advantage of ladies in your ward as well! :) Glad you have joined in the craziness- let's keep in touch! :)

Steph said...

My husband of almost 10 years is in his third year and we have a 4yo, 2.5yo, and 5 week old :) You are right, it is a long journey that morphs along the way. I think my one bit of encouragement would be to keep your marriage first before your kids, even though the kids do end up taking up the majority of your time and effort. Blessings as you go through med school as a family!

Taylor said...

Hi Mandy, I think our respective partners are in the same class at OU! How are things going for you and your family? My fiancé and I have an 11 month old son, born two months into his first year! It has been an experience so far!

essay writing said...

Thanks Mandy for sharing your thoughts on your blog. You seems like a happy and cool family:) you are doing a wonderful job blogging. I am also a simple bogger like you. I hope we will share our moments here.