August 11, 2011

ruined forever

5 years ago, orthoman was a lowly MSI. this would have been the end of his first week of med school. he biggest fear wasnt that he would fail out of med school, or that he would get overwhelmed by everything, or even that he would make friends. no, he was afraid to be "that guy".

what guy? that guy. you know, the guy who walks into the anatomy lab for the first time and faints. the guy that gets sick when they make that first incision into the cadaver. yeah - THAT one. at 6' 3" and 250lbs, he imagined standing there in a group, with a petite girl standing in front of him. then, the professor takes out the scapel and BOOM! he falls forward in a dead faint, knocking some poor, unsuspecting girl down with him. i still laugh when i imagine that.

but luckily for him, that never happened. in fact, he was really proud of how well he stomached everything. okay, well, he did admit to feeling a little queasy for the first few minutes, but he toughened up right after that...

i started working a few weeks after we moved and we decided to go have a nice dinner to celebrate the new job, his finishing the first month of med school, and our first $44,000 tuition bill. so we looked up an italian restaurant with good reviews and were off!

dinner was AMAZING. well, my dinner was. orthoman cant really comment on how his was... because he decided to take the waiter's recommendation and ordered a sausage risotto dish. when the plates were set in front of us, he literally DRY HEAVED. that's right folks, he was immediately nauseated by the sight of his dish. apparently, sausage and risotto looks eerily similar to one's body fat and his cadaver happened to be a particularly large woman.

it's been 5 years and let me tell you... neither one of us has eaten risotto since!


if you found this story/image upsetting, then you are CLEARLY the wife of a first year med student because as the years pass you become completely numb to any and all things related to the human body. seriously. we had dinner with a fellow intern and his wife last weekend and the things our husbands were talking about would have made any normal person sick just overhearing it. get used to it babe, cause it's par for the course!

the journey is long but man, you'll get some great stories out of it!


Mrs. Saltine said...

Funny story, my husband is an MSII and it made us talk about what food it was for him that got him that first block. For him it was provolone cheese. I had bought a Costco sized pack and made his sandwich with it, apparently on the day they were working with the intestines. He claims that provolone and intestines smell exactly the same. Thankfully he ended up eating provolone again, but it was until much much much later (very many months) and its only occasionally, before we used to eat it fairly frequently.

He also was so happy the first time we cooked ribs since he had started med school, instead of removing the white papery cover on the back side of the ribs he proclaimed "I am going to remove the pleura!"

Gotta be careful with him, he ruins food for a lot of other people who aren't used to it. :)

Pierson Family said...

I have to tell my husband to make sure the conversation isn't too graphic when we are around non-medical friends and family. Funny story!!

Caroline said...

My husband is an ms1 so I am new to all of this. The desktop computer we ordered was a bust ( hp is sending us a replacement) so I'm doing this on my ipad. I can totally relate becayse hehas requested to not eat rotisserie chicken indefinitely because it reminds him of his cadaver. And i was like, " are you serious?"

Leah the Foodie said...

My MS1 hubby told me an Anatomy story today of splitting his cadaver head in half with a bandsaw. Good times!

Ford Country said...

I have been on the "medical" rollercoaster for 9 years...I met my husband when he was an Air Force medic, survived him being an IDMT (full medical support person for isolated troops) and cried my eyes out with happiness when he decided to leave, follow his heart and become an "official" doc.

I have many many gross stories about "things" that we don't eat any longer, conversations that are on the "not around normal people" list and the hardest on of all..."don't wake me up to tell me who chopped what off when".

The conversation I was never prepared to deal with was explaining to my daughters teacher why she had pics of a foot smashed by a cement barricade with her for show and tell and even worse why she could tell the other kids how an eye was put back inb the socket.

For the first time in a very long time it looks like there are more wives that get to laugh about this stuff and don't cringe. I look forward to seeing more posts....I'm tickled I found this blog.