March 27, 2011

I ain't your momma

Good evening everyone. So I'm a little frustrated and needed to vent. My husband has his neurology exam tomorrow and I am bothered by the fact that he did not prepare for this exam as well as other exams. I was proud of him because on the previous exam, in which he did well on, he realized that he was spending too much time on facebook while studying. This of course was time spent not focused 100%. Well now not only has he done the occasional fb thing, but he started his own twitter blog. He's spent so much time on this and not on studying. I don't want to sound like his mother, but geez..... Well I'm now headed to bed. Thanks for listening out there. Have a great week.


Melanie said...

I feel your frustration. My husband takes study breaks to read and ends up losing track of time spending a ridiculous amount of time for a break and then he does not have any time for me. Makes me so mad!

the Jennings secede from the South said...

Yes, girl! When Adam was a 1st & 2nd year, he would read fly-fishing blogs all the time! We used to go on walks in the evening and I would use the ol' positive encoragement (i.e. I'm so proud of you for focusing on your studying even though there ae so many distracting things online, etc.) when he did study well. And, what do you know? He deleted all the blogs from his google reader so that he could focus, on his own. YAY!

Anonymous said...

I must try ur technique. He's now into investments (which isn't a bad thing) but it's like you say...we need them to focus! :). Thanks ladies