August 2, 2010

Wanting to Introduce Myself!

Hi!!!!! :)

So, I'm the new girl on the block :) Not just on this website, but literally. I have just moved from my lifelong home of Boston, Massachusetts to Rochester, NY about three weeks ago. My husband and I graduated from college in '05, both musicians (he at Berklee College of Music and me at The Boston Conservatory). We have taken an unconventional path to the doorstep of the University of Rochester Med School! But here we are!! He starts next week. I'm so excited for him!!!

So, about that unconventional path from music to medicine...Shortly after graduating college and realizing how unstable the music industry is, and that both of our passion for it had waned, we BOTH changed course career wise. Mine just took a LOT less time :) A year after graduating from college, I enrolled in school for Massage Therapy, and a year after that became a Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki Healer. It changed me and it changed my life, completely for the better! I know that this is part of my life's purpose and my life's work, and I feel so grateful for it!! My husband enrolled in pre-med classes, prepared for the MCAT, took it, applied, the whole shebang...and here we are in Rochacha...

As I support my husband on his leg of the journey, becoming a physician is the fulfillment of HIS life's purpose. And to add a layer on top of that, I have a feeling our work together has just begun. We both have something to bring to the table in the healing arts and in medicine, and we are fortunate to be married but even more fortunate to know that God wants to use us together!

I had a lot of growing up to do to move- I've lived in Boston my whole life. I was super happy at my job at an amazing spa in Boston. Moving to Rochester has taken me completely out of my comfort zone! But I am so happy to do it!! I am growing stronger from this experience. I am a little nervous too of course...I hope that my husband has nice classmates. I am trying to keep an open mind about the whole experience and let it be what it is, whether that means he will be studying and away for long hours, etc. It would also be wonderful to make friends with some other med school wives in the area!!

Thank you so much for letting me be here on this blog! I look forward to sharing more and to offer support and encouragement to my med school spouse sistas!!!!
Love, Ashli


the Jennings secede from the South said...

Thanks for introducing yourself! I hope you can find a group of supportive girlfriends in the same season! Such a blessing:)

Mel and Scott said...

Hi Ashli welcome to the roller coaster ride! It is lots of fun. And I only mean that sarcastically every few days. :)

Ashli & Anthony said...

Thank you both!!!! :) <3

Kari said...

Hi Ashli! Yay, I'm not the only newbee :) My husband (we just got married on July 30th) starts med school at the end of this month. He has his white coat ceremony in 2weeks! I am so happy and proud of him. Well I just wanted to say Welcome!

Ashli and Anthony said...

Thank you Kari!!!! <3