November 1, 2009


Tuesday is the big day. Scott will be taking boards again and I can't begin to tell you how nervous I am. While I try to be as supportive as I can when he reports a barely passing score on a mock test, part of me panics. What does this mean? How can I be more supportive? Is this a sign that he shouldn't be a doctor? This is where faith comes in. I have to trust that God is faithful and have faith in my husband. Has anyone else hit speed bump after speed bump? Do the speed bumps ever stop? One thing I am very glad to have now is this blog because now I don't feel so all alone.


S said...

I can understand how this would be scary; you rely on him doing well on his boards for your future. I would imagine that he is also stressed about his scores. Its not just a test, its a very important step towards your family's future success. Do what you can to be supportive and help him focus on studying. Can you help him by making flash cards of board questions or anatomy? Take a deep breath and know that even if he has to retake the boards, life will not end. God gives us speed bumps so that we slow down and appreciate what we have, even if it feels like its unnecessary. You will pull through this. *Hug*

Lacy Delgreco said...

:( How awful the stress must have been! How did it go? Where did he go to school? How many times can you take it? This is like my biggest fear! Getting through medical school and then not passing the boards.