July 28, 2009


I'd don't have admin priviledges so I was hoping that if I started a new post those of you interested in joining could respond in the comments with your email and blog and then whoever the main admin is could add you as a contributor. (I apologize I cannot remember who the main admin is).
Welcome to the crazy, exciting and long journey that is medicine!


sHw said...

Welcome to 'our world'! We're glad to have you :) I'm not sure how to add ya, but I know one of the admins will contact you soon :) Congrats to your hubby on entering one of the great professions in the world! He's going to love it...and sometimes hate it ;) Let me know if you NEED ANYTHING! My hubby is entering his fourth AND FINAL year of med school! YAHOO!

Have a great day!


Callie R. said...

Thanks Marissa! I would love to be added!


Behrmans said...

I would love to be added too



Megan said...

I would like to be added too. My husband is in 3rd year and we have a 15 month old son.


Katie said...

I am new to this blog world and would love to be added, too. My boyfriend of over 2 1/2 years just started his first year in med school.


I'm glad there's a place for something like this, thank you.


Ash H. said...

Hi All! I am also a new follower, and would love to be added.


Natsume said...

Hello (:

My boyfriend enters med sch in August 2010 and is now serving his compulsory military service.

I would like to be added.


Kate said...

And my boyfriend of 3 years is starting med school this August. I would love to join!