June 8, 2009

For any MS1 or MS2s

My most recent post is about the Match process - most of you are already more than familar with the process but I know when I was the wife of an MS1 and 2 the process was always a mystery. For those who are interested: http://marriedtoamedicalstudent.blogspot.com/ I also post a few links that are helpful for learning about residency programs.


Bethany said...

Even though my husband is in his third year, the process is still a bit foggy to me. Thanks so much!

seaside*bliss said...

Hey! I would love to join! stace.nelson.84@gmail.com

Marissa said...

I am so excited t have found this site! My husband (of less than a month, but I love to say it) and I will be moving to Cincinnati so he can attend his first year of med school in two weeks. I am looking forward to hearing from other wives about what the next four years of our life will be like. My e-mail is mutchlermm@gmail.com.