March 17, 2009

Another forum for med school wives

For anyone who is interested there is another blog being started up by a bunch of medical (attendings, residents and medschool) wives. It is a similar idea to this blog except it will also be a forum for dialogue, questions and even rants so it is a private group - so that no one has to worry about bosses or superiors coming across our personal topics. If anyone is interested in joining please email me at and I will gladly send you an invitation.

Also a random question - how do I get our names in that column on the right?


Ali and Josh Holt said...

Hey- to get the names in the column at the right you have to go to the layout part of blogger and add them...if you are the one in charge of the blog then you will be able to fi this, otherwise whoever is the one in charge will have to add us. Hope that helps!

Brooke & Freeland said...

Woops! Sorry about that! I can go in and make sure we updated it! We havent done it in a while so I apologize but I will make sure to do it all asap! Thanks for the reminder!

I love everyone's updates! Im so glad you all joined and are sharing whats going on! Its very encouraging!!