February 5, 2009

I opted going for a jeweled-tone dress, cocktail length. I wanted to be slightly more casual than wearing a long dress. Though, there were quite a few girls there who did wear their prom dresses. I guess I would advise you to keep it a bit more casual than that if have that option.

I was one of the girls who started this blog but I guess I never really introduced myself. Hey girls (and guys)! I'm Bethany and this is the love of my life Josh. Josh and I were married summer of '07, moved to Erie, PA (we didn't know anyone here), and he started school at the end of the summer. There were a lot of changes and adjustments summer of '07, but the Lord is faithful and it was great to see Him working in our lives. Josh is in his second year at LECOM (Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine). So far med-school has been good, challenging but good. And we are expecting our first baby mid-July! Wa-hoo!

Hope you have fun at your formal this weekend. And I second Camille, post pictures!!!

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