May 9, 2008

Negative Nellies

One thing that we've occasionally discussed amongst our little group is the negative, unsolicited advice and comments that come our way. When people (often complete strangers) find out that you're married to a medical student, they sometimes feel free to let the darts fly. Stories of doctors who cheated on their wives, had affairs with nurses, or ran away with a colleague come about. My thoughts?

#1- You don't know my husband, lady. He fears the Lord and he's got integrity.
#2- Even if my husband was a dirty, rotten scoundrel? We're already married. And what you're telling me is not encouraging or beneficial in any way.
#3- Making me insecure is not going to help my marriage, dude.

So, stand firm spousal friends. You know the fellow/lady that you married. I'm excited that my husband wants to pursue medicine and, you know what? No Negative Nelly's going to take that away.


Sarah Mac said...

One time in a restaurant I received unsolicited advice on how to not to marry a lawyer. I am not married or even have a boyfriend.

I think people just like to hear themselves talk.

I think it is awesome that you love and trust your husband. :-D

Katie said...

People are stupid and talk too much. Don't listen.

Melissa Stringham said...

Even worse are the comments I get ALL The time that go something like this, "My husband was going to go to medical school, but then he decided his family was more important and didn't want to have to be away from us so much."

Huh? normally that comment really means, "my husband couldn't get into med school."

Also, are you trying to say my husband doesn't love me as much as your husband loves you. Come on.

Anonymous said...

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