May 17, 2011

iPhone or iTouch?

What kind of cell phone does your husband have?

My husband will be beginning rotations next year and is considering getting an iPhone or iPod Touch so that he can use that instead of carrying around like 13 different pocket reference books.  He'd much rather download some apps and stuff to access the information.

What do your husbands use?

iPod Touch:

MAJOR PRO:  Wouldn't have to change our cell phone plan and pay for extra data packages like iPhone.

MAJOR CON:  Uses Wi-Fi to access the information, and not all hospitals and places have Wi-Fi, right?


MAJOR PRO:  Access to information and internet everywhere through cell service.

MAJOR CON:  Need to change our cell phone plan and pay more for data package.

We are willing to do either option, but is one better for this use than the other?

Is there another phone or handheld device that's also good for medical reference purposes?

Thanks for your thoughts! :)


laura @ so alaurable said...

My DH mostly uses Epocrates and Eponyms when looking up things at work, and I think the info is downloaded to the device, so you wouldn't necessarily need an active Internet connection, so the iPod Touch could work. However, I think the fewer devices you can manage, the better! (Those white coat pockets are only so big, right?) My husband and I both love our iPhones.

Ali Holt said...

my husband is finishing up his 3rd year and we actually were just talking about this, so I will give you my two cents. We got him an itouch, and for some rotations he used it a lot to look up words, or drugs, etc. For some rotations, he never used it once. I think that if you have a good cell phone plan, go with the itouch. If you are wanting a change in phones any way, go with the iphone. But in my husbs experience, he hasnt used it much any way. But I do have to say most hospitals do have wi-fi access, at least to the last few I have been to!

Trudy said...

great question, we are going through the same discussion. if only we can get step 1 out of the way and actually GET to third year!!

Kate said...

This was a great idea for a post. My husband is just entering his 3rd year and we were JUST discussing this. Thank you for listing the pros & cons. I really enjoy hearing everyone's "two cents."


Ashley said...

My husband starts rotations and he just got the Google Nexus S. In my opinion it's better than the iphone 4. If I were you, I would do the iphone rather than the touch :) All of our friends who are finishing their second years of clinicals say some sort of smart phone is a must have.

Ashley + Christian said...

iPhone 4. he loves it.

i'd love to be able to throw up a post or two, if something intelligent comes to mind. :)


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MaryAnn said...

Hi! I'd love to join this blog. My husband just started 3rd year, and I'm looking for other wives to help me feel "normal"!

emily kate said...

My husband (just started MS4) has an ipod touch. Like Laura said, the apps he uses have the info stored in them so he doesn't need the internet. Iphone 4 would be nice but we have an insanely cheap cell phone plan and we don't want to change carriers/plans until we absolutely have to.