September 13, 2010

4th Year- Destination Unknown

With a husband in the midst of residency applications and baby #2 due in just a few weeks, this has turned into an exciting year. Where will we be? Oh, who knows. It's fun this way, right? Love Gilmore Girls and love this quote- it's so right now.

I've got about the next two and a half hours planned...then there's just darkness....and possibly some dragons.
-Rory on Gilmore GIrls


thedrswifeisin said...

Amen! Congrats on baby #2!

The Carters said...

i feel ya! My hubby just submitted his residency applications last week. I can't believe we're almost done, it seems like we just started the crazy med school ride! :)

Congrats on baby #2! What's your hubby specializing in?