March 23, 2009

A quick intro from me to you :)

While I've been a member of this blog for quite sometime, I've yet to actually post. So, here ya go. My name is Shirley, my hubby is Wes, and we have an adorable baby Bichon named King Louis, who just turned three (so in dog years he's 21 - not so much a baby anymore!) We currently live in Virginia, where Wes is finishing up his third year of med school. I can hardly believe that we're about to enter the fourth and final year of this wonderful experience. It's been quite the journey, and we're both anticipating its conclusion. I am a middle school teacher, who is described by her students as 'really southern and really preppy.' Guess that's not too bad of a thing to be called, huh? I teach Civics and Economics to some of the most rambunctious teenagers this side of the Mason Dixon line! I love it, though, and wouldn't change careers for anything in this world!

When Wes isn't studying, taking an exam, seeing a patient, or telling me about some 'weird' thing he saw in the hospital, we enjoy gardening, taking rides on the Blue Ridge Parkway, listening to classical music, going out on 'date nights', and just plain enjoying being hubby and wifey. We'll celebrate our first year of marriage on August 31st - we can hardly believe we're at the seven month mark!

We're pretty average folks, who just happen to be going through the 'med school experience.' We both love to meet new people, so when I told Wes I signed onto this blog, he thought it was a great idea!

I promise to post more often - it's so great to share a 'connection' with other people in the same 'boat.'

Happy Monday, Y'all!

Shirley & Wes

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