March 2, 2009

Gettin' Ready for Step 1

So, some of you are in this boat, some of you- not yet, and some of you have already sailed this boat across the great med school ocean with success. Studying for Step 1. My hubs is in his 2nd year and preparing to take Step 1 at the end of May. It is a funny/weird time because our first baby is due April 19th...his last day of class is April 22nd...and then boards are coming up quickly after that (the end of May). So we are trying to figure out what studying will look like for him once I'm home with the bambino.

On the plus side, the first few weeks of Henry's life, Adam (husband) will be able to make his own schedule. That's going to be nice. However, I know how important the boards are and making adequate time to study, not just now while he's still in school, but once that big break hits and study time kicks into high gear.

Any hints/tips out there on how to encourage/support/help your husband with this vigorous preparation?


Married to a med student - Marissa Nicole said...

Well obviously your husband will have his own personal study habits but my husband did well with banning himself to the library during the day. He tried to pretty much study at the library every day 8-5 then we would have dinner and he would either relax in the evenings or as the test got closer often times we would go to Starbucks or Barnes & Noble. My husband studied on his own at first (while he was still in school) and then if I remember correctly he did q-bank the last month.

Emily said...

My hubby did a similar schedule. He'd go to the school and study 8-5 like a workday and then we'd hang out and relax at night. On the weekends he would study for a couple hours in the morning. Having a schedule like that really helped because study time was clearly defined and we could still have a life in the meantime. This is the hardest board exam and requires the most studying, so hang in there. He won't have to study as much for the rest of them.
Justin also used q-bank quite a bit and I remember him saying how helpful that was.

Melisa said...

I think it is so great that you ladies have this site to support each other. What a great idea!

We are in our second year of residency, so the memories of that long ago are getting vague, but I do remember him liking q-bank a lot. It helped Brad to study with other students. I wasn't helpful because I couldn't pronounce half the words. I graduated from college in 3 yrs with a 3.48 and I was blown away by his material frequently. I just tried to be supportive and not whine about his long hours away from us. Hope that helps. :o)q

Drew said...

Hey, I'm Marissa's husband, Drew. I had a system for Step 1 that turned out pretty well. Marissa covered the basics, I'll just elaborate a bit. I used a stopwatch, it sounds crazy but makes you efficient. Put in 8 hours a day, stopping the clock for meals, bathroom breaks, daydreaming. Use the 8 hours wisely. Reading for 8 straight hours is tedious. Mix it up. I would read in the morning and then do 50-100 questions in the afternoon. QBank is awesome, the explanations for answers are a great source. After this, if you have time/energy left, read a little bit of First Aid. Hope this helps someone. Don't worry, everyone gets through it.