December 14, 2008


Hola! So, since I saw Ashley do this I figured I'd revert to 7th grade too and try not to look like a geek. (I moved a lot and was always the new kid, intros suck when everyone is staring at you and you are thinking "Ok, now what the heck is my name again???").

Im Sharyl. Originally from...well...nowhere, like I said, but my parents live in Florida now so I guess Im from there. We live in the beautiful state of Georgia and met at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. (Cliche, for those of you who are Mormon, I know). Our story is pretty interesting and if you want to know Ill tell it to you sometime. Anyway, the reason why I am here: 1) My husband is genius. 2) He wants to be a doctor. "We" got accepted to Mercer University School of Medicine in Macon, GA that has a killer curriculum that Harvard Med copied. He has an interview at Emory in January and has been offered/has had 3 other interviews. We feel pretty fortunate to have a lot of support from his family and sage advice from his mother who is an anesthesiologist.

My concerns/worries about the next 10-12 years: Loneliness. Stress. 10-12 years. Money. Starting a family? Being a cliche "Dr's wife". Being "Dr Evans' wife" and not "Sharyl". His satisfaction with his chosen profession. His stress and anxiety levels. Grad school for me? Money. Starting a practice.

This blog was an amazing idea and I am sincerely grateful to you who have created it.

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Melanie said...

Good to meet you. Invite me to the blog.