September 29, 2008

the schedule of a med school student

And were back! Like Camille said .. were all going to start posting again! Stay tuned.

So I thought I would share what Freeland's schedule looks like these days. I always imagined him being at the library all day & never seeing him .. ever. I was totally wrong. It isnt that way at all.

I should preface with this: everyone is different, they all study different, have different sleeping patterns, and work in different ways, etc. etc. etc. I should also preface that I dont care much for perfect grammar in case you havent noticed.

I think that generally a med school students study schedule looks different for people who are married. At least I see a difference in how Freeland studies vs. how the people who arent married in his class study. Not that if you arent married you wont study as well or anything. Its just I think when you are married your priorities & the way you spend your time changes.

It was always comforting to me before school started to hear Adam & Camille talk about how Adam studied as much as he could before she got home from work so they could still spend time together at night.

Freeland has taken on the same goal & I think its helped make this transition so much easier. He also studies at home. For us that works really well. But I know that everyone is different. So here is an example of what a normal day is for Freeland:

4:00am - Yes thats 4:00. Wakes up and starts studying. Reviewing things ahead of time for class.
7:00am - gets ready and eats breakfast then leaves for school at 7:30
8:00am - class
12:00pm - lunch
1:00pm - class, lab, etc.
4:00 - gets home anywhere between 3:00 and 5:00 each day then reviews the materials from class, studies what he didnt understand, reads more.
6:30 - anywhere between 6:30 and 7:30 (normally depending on when I finish dinner) he stops studying. Then we spend the rest of the evening together.. go on walks, watch TV, run errands, or see friends.
9:00 - bed. Then he reads until he falls asleep.

So we still get the entire night together. Yes, he wakes up ridiculously early. No, I dont think thats really that normal. But it works for him & he enjoys getting so much done before class starts. We used to go to be pretty late so going to bed so early was a little adjustment but he quickly adjusted! :) I just read while he sleeps.

On the weekends he still wakes up early and then studies on & off the entire time. We still have date nights and see friends or go out every weekend.

So, as far as Freeland's day to day schedule goes .. it isnt all that bad. Yes, there are nights I would rather hang out with friends longer or mornings I wish he didnt have to wake up so early. But its all worth it for us to get so much time together & for him to feel like he has enough time to study.

Im not sure what all the other spouse's schedules look like. Im sure all of us are completely different. But you find what works for the both of you and go from there.

I could go on & on but I will stop blabbing for now. Happy Monday.

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